The seat of knowledge and the seat of compassion constitute human potential. The Authentic Thinker respects and presents the mind as part of an organic, changing being. It is a compassionate journey in mental health recovery.

Know that one day your pain will become your cure.


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Mental Health Awareness Month: Guest Blogger, Jasmine Raskas

Jasmine Raskas on “A Stolen Awareness: The Intersection of Physical and Emotional Pain”.

May 2019, by K. Bragado

A Look Ahead…

In 2019, I’ll highlight solutions that work for my well-being: techniques that alleviate my anxiety, depression, stress, and that improve my quality of life. Future topics are alternative medicine, food and nutrition, sound and movement, and social dynamics. I’ll have features on people who’ve influenced my journey. My hope is that you will embrace introspection as a problem-solving tool. Be well, be authentic. ~Kim

We can respond from a place of love; yet, we often react from a place of fear.

K. Bragado

My goals are to share new ideas, to spread mental health awareness, and to explore creative living through holistic wellness. I invite the reader to become The Authentic Thinker – to ask the hard, difficult questions that redirect to a richer, healthier plane of existence. Our best and most profound change happens when we’re brave enough to look into our own mirror, and not flinch.