Cultivate Esteem

“Lack of self-awareness renders us transparent; a soul that knows itself is opaque. . .The core of pride is self-rejection.

The Passionate State of Mind
Essay by Bruce Lee (martial artist, filmmaker, poet, and philosopher)
                I’m captivated by Bruce Lee’s poignant observation. The passage above precisely encapsulates the impetus for my blog. To me, it’s imperative to journey inside ourselves for clearer understanding of our life purpose. It’s where we find meaning, foundation, and conviction. We must approach identity with curiosity, not fear or judgement.
                This blog is not a self-help column or a support group. I’m not an expert in personal development or life coaching. I do propose critical thinking, self-evaluation, and appropriate action for self-improvement. The people who inspired and motivated me most are ones who faithfully and adequately challenged me to these tasks. I took the assignment.
                In 2016, every day was a struggle. Job loss, physical ailments, and losing my apartment are only a few of last year’s troubles. I vividly remember the frustration, confusion, and crippling anger. Peace and self-esteem were foreign concepts. I coped mostly by lashing out at others.  There came a moment of crystal-clear realization when I decided to start anew. I asked myself serious questions, set goals, and did the homework. I drew, read, meditated, wrote, and painted. I researched successful entrepreneurs, artists, and writers. My self-esteem resurfaced and I chose self-acceptance. It’s been worth the effort and hard work, and I continue to cultivate gratitude daily. Now, I’m more at ease and relate better to the people around me. Peace begins with us.
                Lee also wrote that pride is the substitute for self-esteem. What are your thoughts on each? Do we know and value the tools to develop self-esteem? Can you look in a mirror and appreciate what you see?
By Kim Bragado for The Authentic Thinker