Peace in a Poem

Artists and writers are translators of the human experience…

They interpret thought and feeling through imagery and spoken word. Both are instruments of creative and divine inspiration, chronicling and envisioning portraits of the past, present, or future. They are master storytellers and gifted observers.
                Writers and artists know the difference between explanation and expression. The central goal is always self-expression, however raw or obscure. Conversation evoked by artistic venture encourages clarification and illumination on a variety of subjects and themes. To express is to put (thought) into words; to show, manifest, or reveal; to set forth the opinions or feelings of (oneself). To explain means to make plain or clear; to render understandable or intelligible; to make known in detail []. Real creativity resonates with the touchstone of deep and full self-expression.
                In this blog post, I share a poem written earlier this year in a moment of expressive resolve. It was a productive outlet for understanding feelings of anger, frustration, and personal pain. “A Placid Specter” is about unwarranted judgement. It is about rising above circumstance and choosing private serenity over paralyzing fear. It is about actively participating as creators of our own reality. The title reveals an illusory internal strife, but one that is markedly real and apparent. It is an exposure of a human who is being…an emotional and spiritual work in progress.
A Placid Specter
By Kimberly J. Bragado
Zealous and greedy, my malady rises.
Confusion, divine.
Numbness, electric.
Delusion, fantastic.
Outrage, brilliant.
Mind-trained, thought-hijacked, idea-possessed.
Injected with truth;
Infused with insight;
Inoculated with justice;
Indoctrinated with freedom.
The stench of judgement, the wretchedness of prejudice, the rancor of bigotry.
I choose.
My condition is my counsel;
My infirmity, my inspiration;
My ailment, my aide;
My madness, my mentor.
I ascend. Humanity’s grand illusion…
Tranquility is mine.
Copyright © 2017 KIMBERLY J. BRAGADO. All rights reserved.

By Kim Bragado for The Authentic Thinker