Inner Peace: 21st Century Success

What’s my measure of success? Inner peace!

Hardy individuals have an internal locus of control, resilience. How interesting is it that Eastern philosophies define stress as an absence of inner peace, while Western culture identifies it as a loss of control? Inner peace changes our perception of stress, it enables our sense of control.
And here’s a bit about mind/body intelligence: neurotransmitters aren’t just in the brain, they’re in the immune system! Our psychological state (stress level) directly affects our susceptibility to disease. Emotion management is a key factor in disease prevention, impacting gene activity in immune system responses. Minimizing stress is a lifesaving habit!
Summarized from: “Holistic Stress Management”. ALLEGRA Learning Solutions, LLC.
                Considering my oft opposing views of the concept of money (our global form of exchange and symbol of wealth, success and power), I’ve discerned that not only is our perception of it significant, our use of it makes all the difference in the world. Literally.
                I believe it’s human nature to be tempted by monetary wealth. Few of us live within our means, as evidenced by skyrocketing national and global debt. We come into financial gain through work, inheritance, and even by luck. We’ve also seen and heard countless stories of people who’ve burned through their savings or lost it on bad investments. We ourselves might have succumbed to drug or alcohol use (or abuse), overeating, overspending…over- anything. My question is why?
                It was entrepreneur and inventor, Steve Jobs, who said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” I do this as a practice in my own everyday problem-solving. When I get to the root of this matter of money, it’s about human nature. We are naturally attracted to this model of wealth and pleasure. So, what then most successfully minimizes this potent characteristic within ourselves? What’s the best deterrent to personal backsliding? For me, the answer is inner peace.
                If I have my bearings (psychologically, physically, emotionally, spiritually), I feel grounded and centered. I feel an internal sense of control that’s not easily influenced by external circumstances. I get to this point of functioning by way of consistent meditation, weekly nature therapy, full engagement in hobbies, productive task work – anything that organically feeds and fulfills my sense of wellbeing. Now after half-a-year of weekly, conscientious self-care, I’m less prone to fall into negative behaviors and mindsets – interpersonally, socially, even financially.
                I write my blog because I believe that if each of us truly commits to a mindful journey of discovery, the world will be a much better place. If we studied this concept of authentic living at the youngest ages possible, then by adulthood, we’d be less tempted. Personal identity would be realized – rewarding relationships, optimal wellbeing, and financial health would be lived practices, not just dreamy concepts.
                Perhaps then there would be less dishonesty, fewer conflicts, and more personal and professional success stories…more experiences of internal happiness, contentment, and intrinsic wealth. Maybe fewer of us would be wrapped in the throes of addictions, and more of us would know and adhere to individual principles. Possibly there would even be more giving, sharing, and harmony within local communities; sustainable and ethical national policies; and an actualized pathway towards global, international peace. Conceivably, we would achieve those noble ideals our human civilization has heralded since ancient times.

                Doesn’t it make sense then, that peace in the world begins with peace in ourselves?
By Kim Bragado for The Authentic Thinker