The Human Quotient (HQ) and the Darwinian Point in Our Evolution

My current study in holistic and integrative health opens new doors…

               I recently finished a lesson called Health and the Human Spirit and am now studying Energy Healing. In reflection, I explained the following to someone: We’re here to help each other out. Humanity is still waking up to that. Time is an illusion, just like control and perfection. I think as a race, were at a “Darwinian point” where people will either evolve and adapt to a new paradigm shift, or fall away…literally (physically, emotionally, spiritually…even mentally). Survival of the fittest here means the ability and capacity for both an open mind and an open heart – we can’t have one without the other.
                I feel that integrative health, defined as a combination of treatments from conventional and from alternative or complimentary methods, may be the beginning of a health care paradigm that honors the complete human. This is regardless of religious preference, as holistic health respects and acknowledges the roles of philosophical or spiritual beliefs in each person. Ideally, treatment programs are uniquely customized for optimal health, and empower and require active participation from clients.
                While on this topic of holism, it’s important to recognize The Human Quotient (HQ). This is defined as an evidence-based model that divides “proactive” by “reactive”, with the numerator and denominator having critical cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal components. (“Why Leadership Training Should Focus on the Human Quotient (HQ)”, by David Brendel, The Huffington Post, 4-19-2017) This model, introduced in leadership science, presents several concepts that I learned in dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). These practices include: self-reflection, strategic visioning, emotion regulation, mindfulness skills, active listening techniques, and effective communication. Many of my therapy counterparts concluded after the DBT modules that these skills must be taught in schools, beginning at the elementary level. I’m encouraged to see that they have permeated the realms of corporate and business management.
                In addition, there are several other “quotients” that have been introduced and examined by behavioral scientists. Some of these are: the Intelligence Quotient (IQ), the Emotional Quotient (EQ), the Adversity Quotient (AQ), the Creativity Quotient (CQ), the Spiritual Quotient (SQ), and the Leadership Quotient (LQ). According to the Professional Training and Development Center, all of these components equal the Execution Quotient (XQ). (“6 Quotients of Human Life”, YouTube video)
                Regardless of how we perceive these theories, it becomes clear that new systems are emerging for everyday reality – ones which begin to validate us as human beings, capable of growth, filled with potential, and which significantly delineate from assumed and prescribed fixed limitations. I find this encouraging as a student of integrative health care. I believe that if we are to surpass and flourish past this “Darwinian point’ in our evolutionary process, these discoveries must continue. They will be vital to our survival as a species.
By Kim Bragado for The Authentic Thinker