Live Mindfully

I take seriously the business of self-improvement…


            Knowledge is power. As a student of philosophy, literature, science, and the arts, I appreciate integrity as our highest standard. Managing my disabilities gives me skill in mental wellness and respect for intellectual acuity. Mindfulness study is my gateway to better, healthful living.

            I practice meditation almost daily. There are often guided images, relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and topics of focus. The routine enables me to reduce anxiety, manage emotions, expand awareness, and develop a deep sense of gratitude.  I am able to grasp possibility and potentiality. Wispy concepts like love, harmony, peace, and unity become tangible, real, and apparent. I am reminded how to regard life without judgement.

The following are my perceptions from mindfulness contemplation and practice. I hope they prompt introspection and self-discovery:

·       Prioritize awareness, recognize assumption

·       Hold high standards ~ low expectations

·       Create opportunity, redefine success

·       Observe duality, seek unity

·       Promote inquiry, acknowledge judgement

·       Value self-respect, practice self-acceptance

·       Listen more, talk less

·       Open the heart ~ open the mind

·       Harness intuition, employ reason

·       Schedule rest & solitude, laugh well & often

·       Respond ~ versus react

·       Cherish time, live inside moments

·       Realize freedom with nonattachment

·       Behold strength in vulnerability

    Suzy Kassem notes, “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” Courage is essential. It is not easy to look into our own mirror and accept our humanity. It feels unnatural and uncomfortable to face deep fears, but might we ponder identity in reflection? What impressions, feelings, and statements will be drawn from patient, profound consideration? What will we gain?
    Self-awareness serves us well in societies fraught with chaos. I encourage the pursuit of living mindfully. Harmony in our setting relies on peace in our being.

By Kim Bragado for The Authentic Thinker