There is a saying that the person you were in the past, the person you are in the present, and the person you will be in the future are 3 very different people…

These 8 poems were written over 20 years ago. Dark in tone and content, they were attempts to cope with depression, anxiety, and grief.
The Peacemaker
By Kimberly J. Bragado
I love you because you are there
Whenever I feel like I’m nowhere
You comfort me, you bring me solace
The clouds encompass me
You take them away
The rain comes down
You are my umbrella
Out comes the sun, for you are its rays
You shelter me from my mind’s fires
The mortars and the shells, they go flying past
I scrunch and hunker down and cry for help
And you are there to rescue me and listen to my cries
You are my maker of peace
The Classic Beauty Must Die
By Kimberly J. Bragado
In circles and circles she goes
For years and years and years
No one can stop her
Jesus forgot her
Her dreams are all array
She’s lost in a wonderland
Hopes are gone
Flying away, flying away
Circles and circles
Around and around
She is not going to stay
Haunted Sky
By Kimberly J. Bragado
The beauty that is me crumbles inside
Each spark dies with a flicker of a flame
The past like a chamber burning my soul
Pain-dying-suffering, flames to ashes
Sad-suffering-dying, my soul decays as it lives
Hope is but a far-off island that sings with the wind
I will sing alone in this sea of sorrows
As my soul begins to flicker in a sky without stars.
The Freak
By Kimberly J. Bragado
Ugly face human race
Stupid place to be
Awful feeling sea is reeling
This ugly face is me
Ugly soul appalling role
Dreadful sight to see
This place is cold don’t be bold
Yes, this soul is me
Ugly body oh how gaudy
Fearful and how weak
Shakes and shivers moves and quivers
This body must be me
Ugly mind don’t be kind
Depression is the key
To war-torn spirits and shameless souls
This hopeless mind is me
By Kimberly J. Bragado
The hollowness pervades me for I cannot see the day
I want to go away
I am the ice I want to melt
Don’t want to stay
Free, to be, whatever is me
I cannot see
Darkness, walls, no buildings crumble
I cannot express I am stone
Frozen in time
Cannot think, cannot blink
I stare into the emptiness
No soul no life no be
No free
I am dead and living
Help me to be free
And see the life that is me
Silence…Is What I Hear
By Kimberly J. Bragado
Excruciating silence is what I hear
Breaking glass shedding a tear
I fear this silence will never stop
It goes on and on and on
Deadening and deafening
Quenching my marrow torching my bone
Vanishing my flesh
Lifeless Cells
By Kimberly J. Bragado
I scream from the walls of my cell
The crows outside do not hear
My pain grows with each magnified breath
Of this dreaming reality in hell
As I stretch the binds of my prison
My body aches and I am weak
I am defeated I cannot speak
I fall and spin in despair
My world spins and spins and spins
I cannot stop so out of control
My body lies still on the concrete floor
Lifeless and breathing nevermore
My Body in Shreds
By Kimberly J. Bragado
Barbed wire entrenches me I bleed on my every move
This is my trap my home for now
My place of indecision
Every move I make brings more pain
My body in shreds fails to deteriorate
I look up and see a land before me not yet travelled
A place for me to be
And then it fades
My eyes become blackened by the dark cloud that comes over me
Yet again, I am trapped
Duality teaches, if we let it. 
A Placid Specter (2017)
By Kimberly J. Bragado
Zealous and greedy, my malady rises.
Confusion, divine.
Numbness, electric.
Delusion, fantastic.
Outrage, brilliant.
Mind-trained, thought-hijacked, idea-possessed.
Injected with truth;
Infused with insight;
Inoculated with justice;
Indoctrinated with freedom.
The stench of judgment, the wretchedness of prejudice, the rancor of bigotry.
I choose.
My condition is my counsel;
My infirmity, my inspiration;
My ailment, my aide;
My madness, my mentor.
I ascend. Humanity’s grand illusion…
Tranquility is mine.
Candle in the Darkness (2018)
By Kimberly J. Bragado
…And insight lit up the world
from the holes of darkness and ignorance.
Accept fear as part of your nature,
not the totality of it.
Learn to ‘think with your heart’.
Look in the mirror…where are you looking?
The most important picture is your Heart.
For in the darkness, in the deep caverns of your soul,
lies a light which desires discovery.
It is ever-burning. Be brave.
Receive it, seek it, enlarge it.
The Whole of your heart is the light that heals.
Create a sacred space for happiness,
be deliberate.
Alchimie de L’amour (2018)
By Kimberly J. Bragado
You are my fire, my light, my heart
I think of you and peace settles over my brow
You ignite my soul to bliss unseen
I feel you everywhere.
You see me in our dreams
I hear you in a whisper and my worries vanish
You flow in the blood of my body
I touch your energy.
We unite in other realms and worlds
Filling the universe with our purity
We are one in flow and thought
We are love unconditional.
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