I use painting, drawing, and photography to process thoughts and emotions. It’s healthy, productive, and allows for voice and creativity. I enjoy abstract forms, splashes of color, and thought-provoking satire.


Art Therapy, Spring 2016.
This was a first attempt to vent emotion by painting. I remembered little of art lessons from high school days; however, it didn’t prevent me from bold self-expression.


Transformation, Summer 2016.
My first painting in over two decades. It represents the emotional fire of that year – symbolic of heat, spirit/soul, and hope. It is the first in a 3-part series I’m still developing.


Zombie Fighter (Preliminary sketch), Fall 2016.
Initially sketched by pencil during a rage of anger, I was determined to manage the emotional intensity. This is part of an image transfer. It is still in-process as a possible mixed media piece.


Capitalism, Summer 2017.
With mixed feelings about current events and their effect on me, I picked up my digital camera and went to work. The result was this fish-eye lens, filtered photo.


Jasmine Flower, Spring 2018.
A study on unconditional love, self-compassion, and acceptance. Jasmine is associated with love, beauty, grace, and purity. Known as “queen of flowers,” it’s name means “gift from God”.


Merkaba Energy Study, Autumn 2018.
Painting practice, diptych exercise. Focus on color expression and texture. Palette knife and paint brush with tape markers.

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